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The Intuitive Gifts

by 1smartday1
“The intuitive mind is a gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift”. Albert Einstein

We are all born with strong intuition, but as we grow and develop we become more reliant on our 5 physical senses; abandoning our natural intuitive abilities. It is probable that your intuition has weakened over time if you don’t meditate or use another tool to maintain it.

This gift has not disappeared; it has simply faded over time because it is not used often. Imagine what would happen to a muscle that was never used. In time, it would become so weak that we couldn’t even use it.


There is more to your intuition than just random flashes of insight. An intuitive gift can offer guidance, insight, and direction in every aspect of our lives when it is developed properly. It can be strengthened at any time by learning to channel once again.

Your intuition can give you insight into your true life’s purpose, it can guide you in finding your true love, it can assist you in making decisions during times of transition, and it can help you attain financial freedom. There really is no end to how helpful your intuition can be when developed properly.


The 4 Clairs

There a four intuitive gifts of intuition, often referred to as the Clairs. Here is a breakdown of the four.


A clairvoyant sees images. It can look like a flash of a mental image or scene and is often symbolic or metaphorical.


Someone who is clairaudient will hear messages, much like someone talking clearly and calmly in your head.


Claircognizance involves thoughts that seem to just instantaneously occur in your mind. You all of a sudden feel very strongly about an issue.


The most common of the clairs, clairsentience involves feelings–like an intuitive gut feeling about yourself, someone else, or a situation.

Which Gift Do You Have?

We all have our own most natural path of receiving intuitive wisdom from our higher self, and source energy. One is not better than another, they are just different.

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